We began adding a larger number of Cryptocurrencies back in 2017, however this was only available via our APIs and we’ve since been asked by many users to merge this into our frontend display.

Introducing Cryptocurrency Markets

In the past few months we’ve been working on a completely new UI that displays price data for all major cryptocurrencies in real-time.

To achieve this, our system keeps a real-time connections on two sides. On one side it’s connected to the major exchanges via live web-socket connections that allows us to detect price changes instantly. On the other side our system connects to the client UI and pushes new prices as soon as the trades happen. It’s hosted at: https://bitcoinaverage.com/markets so check it out!

The central point on the Overview page is the main table with live data for all supported cryptocurrencies. It is not just the data, the table is also live. It updates the order of the rows according to the sorting criteria. By default, the coins are sorted by marketcap and whenever one coin goes above another, the rows in the table switch positions.

Coin details page

The logo and the coin name in each row are links to the coin details page.

Alongside all the data from the table there is a chart to give you perspective of the short term and long term price movement.
At the bottom of the details page there is general information, technology and trading section for every cryptocurrency.

Search bar

No page is complete without a live search bar. It works with the short code symbols (BTC, ETH, ZEC) and the long form names (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash).

Top coins

For convenience we have the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies available at the top Coins menu. In the future this will be expanded with top 10 Exchanges as well.

In closing, this is just the first step BitcoinAverage is taking into supporting as many cryptocurrencies as possible.
Expect many more features on this page and new Cryptocurrencies and Tokens added on a regular basis.
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By Team BA

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