With the ever increasing bitcoin transaction fees, more of our clients are choosing to pay for our API Plans with traditional currencies, using PayPal. Yes, who would have thought all those years ago that Bitcoin’s transaction fees would be more than PayPal’s 3.5%, but here we are.

We have therefore decided to simplify the payment process by introducing billing agreements, removing the need for clients to make repetitive monthly payments.

Little changes with the payment process, extend your plan as normal, and choose to checkout with PayPal.

API Plan

You will be prompted with a Billing Agreement, simply click agree and that’s it!

PayPal Agreement

Your funding source will be charged accordingly on each cycle, and this applies to all durations, 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Discounts for longer durations will also apply on a recurring basis.

~BitcoinAverage Team

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