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So, black friday and cyber monday are upon us, and since we have recently launched our premium plan offerings it seemed fitting to get involved!

Firstly what you are here for: 'BLACKFRIDAY15'

Everyone knows what to do with a promotional code right? Well, for those of you who don't simply choos...

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Bitcoin Gears up to break the all time high

Bitcoin is back on a bull trend, and the market sentiment is calling for a go at the $1000+ all time high! Upward pressure on price is absorbing speculation on China’s Yuan devaluation and economic uncertainty on what a Trump win portends. Bitcoin core fundamentals are revving up for an upgrade to SegWit code 0.13.1 and the price of Bitcoin is heading up to $900 in the coming weeks, just in time for Christmas!

Chart 1

As of writing this, price is at $715.92, having retraced from $750. This week, price consolidated at the $700 for a couple of days, dipping as far as $685. A deep V-shaped bottom resumed the trend up, a reflection of the intent that has buoyed price 24% higher month on month.

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Update your apps to use our new API

As some users may have already realised we have recently passed requests arriving at v1 of our API to our new backend. This is a temporary measure due to the volume of requests we have had from developers requesting more time to migrate their code.

This post i...

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The blockchain’s longest running weighted price tool for current and historical bitcoin price information upgrades features

LOCATION, UK, Monday, 17th October 2016 -, the long-established Bitcoin Price Index, is proud to announce the deployment of version 2 of the site and it’s API featuring the Global Bitcoin Price Index (GBX), Fiat Currency Market Indices, and data on individual exchanges at

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The smart contract age is here.

It is no longer a dream that code will form and execute contracts. It doesn’t matter whether those contracts are human-to-human, human-to-machine or machine-to-machine.

And it is the blockchain that is making that possible.

As 2015 was coming to a close, members of the blockchain community were throwing about a new term. And the term was DAO. This is the acronym of Decentralized Anonymous Organizations.

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